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The OD Union was founded in 1896. In 1917 Professor Sir Fred Clarke OD commented: "Being an OD is not a comfortable status. It is a challenge, as no one has the right to be proud of being an OD who is himself not worthy of Bishops."

ODs know that responsibility runs parallel with the privilege of a Bishops education. This responsibility is best expressed in the words “Noblese oblige” roughly translated as: ”To whom much has been given, much will be expected in return”. Every OD dons this mantle, as he leaves Memorial Gates for the last time.

Being an OD is also a journey. It starts the moment we begin at Bishops. While we may only have been at the school for a short period of our lives, the school is forever part of us. As a result, your Union is peopled by great characters, thinkers, opinion-makers, public figures and leaders. Because of our members, the ODU is a resourceful, resilient and influential organisation.

As you travel through life, this organisation travels alongside you. We are guided by the ODU constitution and rely heavily on the energy, service and self-sacrifice of committee office bearers and branch secretaries to get this right.

This year the ODU is 120 years old. We are fortunate to have such a rich history. This allows us a degree of composure and confidence with which to face the challenge of these uncertain times with positivity and resolve.

I urge you to explore this site. Utilise it to connect with fellow ODs, to arrange reunions, to communicate, to inform yourself. We will be keeping it as fresh and up-to-date with news as possible. Please explore our LinkedIn group and get involved with your suggestions.

You are also always welcome to visit our home, The Mitre, at Bishops.

Bruce Jack

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